wellbeing treatmentsTreatments With Janine.

My treatments are about facilitating you to become more conscious and therefore more able to create your life with ease and naturalness.

I use many modalities combined to facilitate a healthy and alive mind, body, spirit, family and environment.

I have intended to provide most of the information on this site but please feel free to contact me should you require further information or wish to make a booking.

Products to Enhance, Inspire and Heal

Infinite Creations offers a wide range of products with the intention to enhance, inspire and heal.

Infinite Creations is inspired through my desire to share and create more sharing. As we are each so unique there is much to create and share. Hence… Infinite Creations.

I have an extensive range of products available for purchase on this site.

If you would like further information  about any of the products please get in touch.

What My Clients are Saying

Hi Janine, Just wanted to let you know I feel fantastic. Thanks so much for looking after me. I look forward to another treatment sometime soon.

– Mike

Hey Janine, Your Mineral Therapy is really helping. I feel so much more balanced and my energy is returning. Appreciate all your help.

– Susan

I went to bed with my head feeling like it was imploding and my awareness rapidly diminishing.  After an eternale session I awoke completely pain free. Not only that, the feeling in the morning was freedom, clarity and sheer relief. The sources of physical stress that previously seemed insurmountable, now had no influence over me, allowing my innate energy to return.

– Denis