A True Friend

A light bearer shining her gifts upon higher ground

To initiate and guide where others dare not.

A warrior, knowing no fear, igniting fire within those

Who’s light has long been quenched

For the fulfilment of a hearts yearning.

A holder of records and chronicler of wisdom

She offers all that she is, keeping nothing for herself

Her gratuity the fulfilment of another’s dreaming.

Keeping her door ajar when facing their darkest trials

Her sweet and warm voice beckons them home

With reminders of where, when they stray from the way.

Humanity united and taking flight her every desire.

She shares in the joys of the blissful tomorrows

And fun times along the way.

Knowing that all can be surpassed with innate beauty.

A life worth living to have known a true friend.

D. O’Dwyer

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