Eternale Beauty System Treatments with Janine

Eternale beauty Treatments Gold CoastEternale™ is dedicated to providing women and men with the best opportunities to reach their highest potential goal through regeneration of self and the beauty that comes from within. Ground Breaking Technology to enhance youthfulness and de-stressing the mind, body, and spirit. …

$80 to $125 per session.

Packages available.
Beauty, Consciousness, Belief and Retraining are essentials in re-creating ourselves as we wish. The Eternale™ Beauty System was designed for those who are interested in taking time out to eliminate stress and chaos from their lives and who desire to replace them with harmony and the ability to make the best choices daily.

4 simple pillars create the foundation of the EternaleTM way to beauty.

Eternale Beauty SystemBy making small changes and becoming aware of our environment and our selves we begin the process of becoming part of the growing community of a more Youthful Society. So what does it take to move in this direction?

We begin with Consciousness, a simple and complex concept that is key to empowerment. We must first be awake and aware of ourselves and of our environment in the present moment. “Beauty” comes from the Greek word, “koine” which loosely translates: “to be of the hour”, as we may say today: “to own who we are, as we are, with confidence and good self-esteem”. So real beauty is feeling good about ourselves which in turn radiates beauty on the outer level, the physical body and ultimately throughout our lives.

Next we need to examine or begin the process of letting go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. These past ideas stand in the way of what we desire for ourselves in the future. Beliefs are understood to be our thoughts that we hold to be true. Most often these thoughts come from conditioning and from our environment. At times beliefs can be limiting and dis-empowering. Our over-saturated, over-stimulated lifestyle and the day-to-day challenges do not allow us let go of these beliefs. This is where The EternaleTM Beauty System can gently retrain the mind and body with bioacoustics and intuitive technology. By sending messages that refresh and support the positive side of our ideal self while achieving new choices and possibilities, we begin to change our outlook.

Each day our quantum canvas is blank. Our experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and all judgments are viewed as disturbances and interruptions in a field that is otherwise pure. The EternaleTM Beauty System gently retrains you to transport yourself to a place of tranquility and contentment, a place of balance and harmony with nature…pure Beauty. In other words, when you feel good, you look good.

Allowing yourself a 25 minute or 55 minute “Beauty Workout” on this state-of-the-art technology, The EternaleTM Beauty System is designed to assist with focus and awareness and to aid in the release of stress. It is all about the power to focus on consciousness. You may notice a small difference at first but, as you know, that is only the beginning.

Stress crosses our paths daily. How we allow stress to affect us is the ultimate key. Using The EternaleTM Beauty System 2 or 3 times a week is the same discipline we use when we access the gym to “workout” our body. Now we have a way to “retrain our body by using our mind”, hence “the Beauty Workout” is now available to all.

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